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Hello this is EXO’s leader Suho. Since I don’t have my own personal sns account I used Sehun’s instagram. First it’s an honor to join this great campaign that is the ice bucket challenge thanks to close friends, Kwanghee hyung and Eddy Kim. Since I was tagged by two people, I did the challenge twice and donated $200. The next people I nominate are EXO’s Sehun, Boa sunbaenim and actor Byun Yohan. Thank you.

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Everyone asks me, what is hip hop?
Then I confidently answer, my everything
As a result, my life has buried itself into music
If loving this culture is a sin, I’ll die over a hundred times

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date me its for a school project 


that’s exactly what someone who’s dating their dad would say


that’s exactly what someone who’s dating their dad would say

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maybe if you came and fell asleep next to me I wouldn’t be so sad

suho did the ALS ice bucket challenge

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Do you ever get rly pissed because the hunger games films could’ve told such a deep story with themes that reflect our own society’s oppressive systems

but instead they whitewashed the main leads, erased their disabilities, and pretty much romanticized the violence

The degree to which THG movies play into exactly the things the story condemns will never not be staggering to me



BAEKSOO  140817

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Reasons to watch HTTYD movies

  • incredibly strong female characters
  • disabled human protagonist who kicks butt
  • disabled dragon protagonist who kicks butt
  • beautiful, clean animation
  • dude its a movie about dragons what more do you want me to say

Gay character who is not stereotyped flamboyance.

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wait a minute this isn’t my homework

this is tumblr

how did this happen